No Longer Just for Socializing

Social Media ImageIt looks like we’re not the only commercial real estate firm trying our hand @ social media. According to an article published by CoStar earlier this week, Social Media in CRE No Longer Just for Socializing, it’s been a bit of a slow go in our industry, but more and more companies like Combined Properties are seeing the value and opportunities presented by social media and are giving it a go.

The article polled CRE professionals from across the country to get their feedback on their companies’ social media usage. Here are a couple of interesting quotes from the article:

“Over the past year, I have seen a huge increase in CRE professionals accepting social media and becoming more open to utilizing it for business. The CRE industry as a whole is very conservative and set in its ways of operating and therefore usually follows behind other industries when it comes to adapting to new business tools. However, it seems there is finally consensus that social media is here to stay which created a sudden rush to become involved.”

 – Amy Schenk
Marketing Manager
Cassidy Turley in Cincinnati

“We believe in reaching members of our target audience of current and potential clients and investors by using the communication tools they are most comfortable with. For this reason, we use a full menu of delivery options — email, mail, fax, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS news feeds, and LoopNet. At Ariel Property Advisors, we see social media as another distribution tool with which to sell properties for our clients, share our research, and market and brand our firm.”

  – Gail Donovan
Director of Communications
Ariel Property Advisors in New York

For more, read the full article on CoStar’s website here.

Are you using social media to build business? If you’re reading this blog, that’s a start!

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