MaldenWorks it for the Camera

Combined Properties is in the process of developing a website called MaldenWorks that will, in addition to featuring our available commercial properties, highlight the city of Malden’s exceptional location, convenience, and value. The website will provide basic information about Malden’s amenities, public transportation, accessibility, area businesses, city statistics, community resources, and more to illustrate why Malden is a great place to live & work.

MaldenWorks will be our third website of this type, as we also created and manage similar websites for Chelsea and Peabody. Please take a look at and to preview what is planned for the coming Malden website.

These images were taken yesterday while shooting community areas for the MaldenWorks site. It was an ideal day for photography and we had to share this sneak peak:

Malden Library

Davenport Memorial House

Fire Station, Sprague St

Bell Rock Memorial Park

Stay tuned for the launch of MaldenWorks in the coming months.  In the meantime, take a look at available retail, office, and industrial properties in Malden on our website here.

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