Hey Chelsea! Meet Hardware Products Co.

We’re quick to announce and welcome new clients to the Combined Properties family when a company signs a new lease, or to recognize our existing clients when they renew a lease. But we thought it was time to introduce you to the faces behind the companies who have been with us for years. They’re not just coming on board, they’re not renewing right now, but they’re working day in and day out to deliver products and services to the community! And we think that’s worthy of some attention.

In our new and what will be a reoccurring blog column, “Hey Chelsea!,” we will introduce you to the people behind our Chelsea portfolio. Some just joined us while others are approaching 30 years of successful partnership with our firm. First up is Hardware Products Company.

Meet Hardware Products Company
Address: 191 Williams Street, Chelsea MA
Time with Combined Properties: 27 years

Founded in 1866 in the North End of Boston, Hardware Products re-located to Chelsea in 1986 as one of the first tenants at Combined Properties’s redeveloped Williams Street property. Originally producing hardware products, as the name implies, the company now specifically produces springs. These springs are used in automobiles and countless types of machinery, ranging widely in use and size – the smallest being as thin as 1 ½ human hairs!


Learn more about Hardware Products on their website and more about Chelsea by visiting our ChelseaWorks website.

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