Hey Chelsea! Meet Steele Canvas Basket

Last week we started a reoccurring column here on our blog called, “Hey Chelsea,” in which we are introducing our readers to the people behind our Chelsea portfolio. First up was Hardware Products Co and today, we’ll feature Steele Canvas Basket. Both of these companies were the first tenants in our 250,000 industrial complex, and they’ve been with us for nearly 30 years.

Meet Steele Canvas Basket
Address: 201 Williams Street, Chelsea, MA
Time with Combined Properties: 27 Years

What began in a garage in Cambridge in 1921 is now a bustling, family-run staple in Chelsea. Steele Canvas Basket produces a full line of canvas, vinyl coated nylon, and polyethylene baskets, bags, and buckets. You’ll find their products in places you might expect — like hospitals and hotels — but Steele Canvas is now in some new and exciting places too. Watch for them in the pages of J. Crew and Victoria’s Secret catalogs, and Martha Stewart Magazine!


Learn more about Steele Canvas Basket on their website and more about Chelsea MA on our ChelseaWorks website.

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